Mobile Asset Management

Simultaneously Manage Thousands of Mobile Assets from Multiple Vendors

Mobile assets play a crucial role during special events, disasters, and other emergencies. In these situations, power utilities are faced with the challenging task of simultaneously managing and controlling hundreds or thousands of independently operating generators, trucks and other mobile assets from multiple vendors.

mPrest's "System of Systems" for Mobile Assets Management

Our comprehensive Mobile Asset Management application delivers centralized monitoring and management of all mobile assets, including transformers, generators, mobile batteries, service trucks, vehicle fleet management and smart meters.
Based on our holistic "system of systems" approach, Mobile Asset Management seamlessly connects and integrates all fleet components, delivering accurate situational awareness, proactive maintenance and increased reliability.
A single central dashboard allows operators to manage up to thousands of mobile assets from multiple vendors, as well as monitoring fleet-related domains such as maintenance, emissions, fuel and load levels, geopositioning and dispatch.

Benefits for Power Utilities

  • Flexible, vendor-agnostic design for easy integration with diverse systems and sensors¬†
  • Intuitive and cutomizable dashboard enables users to effectively control assets in real-time
  • Real-time data analytics provides optimal situational awareness for better decision making, planning and response
  • Automated fleet management saves costs and reduces breakdowns
  • Optional operational flow lowers OPEX and CAPEX


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