Critical Infrastructure Protection

The security sector is characterized by complex and heterogeneous environments, often comprising dozens of diverse systems, devices and platforms from multiple vendors. As each security system is managed by a separate command-and-control system, it is difficult to deliver timely, integrated situational awareness and effective incident response.

Real-Time Response to Security Threats with End-to-End Situational Awareness

mPrest's Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) product utilizes a holistic "system of systems" approach to deliver the interoperability, scalability and flexibility required to protect critical facilities, including physical security assets, mobile assets, cyber infrastructure and other operational processes.

CIP offers unparalleled integration and connectivity across multiple security platforms and applications, including alarms, surveillance cameras, access control systems, cyber SOCs, IT platforms (ERP and dispatch control), drones, and external agencies. In this way, CIP provides end-to-end situational awareness and automated incident response for critical infrastructure, public safety and homeland security.

Powerful tools enable operators and decision makers to execute all site security and operational procedures in a fully automated fashion. Users can modify or create new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) via a simple "drag and drop" rule engine interface, enabling fast response to changing threats without the need for programming assistance.

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched real-time situational awareness and automated incident response management
  • Fast detection and resolution of complex threats by connecting all the security dots
  • Flexible design enables changes without time-consuming and expensive system upgrades
  • Seamless integration across myriad security platforms and applications
  • Cost-effective scalability in adding new sensors and systems

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