Realize the Promise of the Smart Grid

Power utilities' traditional, centralized power grids require major upgrades to address the increasingly complex and dynamic energy landscape. The integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) - such as grid and small-scale solar arrays, power storage batteries, or wind turbines – and the need to manage multidirectional energy flows are driving the shift to smart grids.

To manage new energy sources and enable demand response, utilities require smart management systems that can monitor, control and optimize the energy flow across their smart grids.

mDERMS – Connect, Monitor and Control Millions of DERs

mPrest's holistic Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) revolutionizes the way distribution power utilities manage their evolving power grids. Smart analytics lets you convert big data generated by the smart grid into meaningful information for command and control, while real-time monitoring of DERs provides full visibility into grid operations.

mDERMS allows utilities to offer innovative business models that benefit consumers, such as energy trading, while supporting renewable energy and demand response initiatives. Featuring a future-proof software architecture, mDERMS seamlessly integrates with other IT/OT systems, such as SCADA, asset management and energy procurement without expensive upgrades.

Benefits for Power Utilities

mDERMs offers unique benefits for power utilities:

  • Comprehensive grid view for fast response to changes in demand
  • Adaptive to future grid changes with minimal vendor involvement
  • Lower energy production and consumption costs thru advanced optimization
  • Fewer outages and disturbances using load prediction algorithms
  • Compliance with GHG emission regulations

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