mPrest Joins with Global Agri-Tech Leader Netafim to Create an Integrated Crop Management System

Cloud-based Industrial IoT application is one of the world’s most advanced agriculture monitoring and control systems, boosting efficiency and crop yields

PETACH TIKWA, Israel – January 9, 2018 mPrest, a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and big data analytics software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Internet of Energy and Security sectors today announced it was awarded a first-of-its-kind smart agriculture project by precision agriculture company Netafim. mPrest’s application will combine hardware and software to unify monitoring, analytics and control of different agricultural activities, from filtering and irrigation to fertilization into a single platform.

The mPrest application utilizes custom-developed IIoT gateways and controllers along with weather-proof 3rd party IoT sensors to independently measure humidity, temperature, pH, growth progress and more. The sensor data, combined with advanced algorithms and years of agriculture and irrigation expertise and knowledge supplied by Netafim, revolutionize crop management with a powerful centralized platform capable of collecting and analyzing millions of data points in real time. As a result, farmers are now able to apply this wealth of data and control systems such as watering, fertilization or pesticide distribution directly through the platform using mobile devices.

“In our search for an IIoT partner to develop a fully-integrated monitoring, analytics and control system for agriculture, mPrest stood out from the competition. Their field-proven software and ability to bring together multiple systems onto a single 'System of Systems' application made them our ideal partner,” said Ran Maidan, Netafim’s CEO. “This collaboration – Netafim’s knowledge and experience combined with mPrest’s technological capabilities, will assist us in taking precision irrigation to the next level– providing farmers the most accurate data possible along with real-time decision-making capabilities and controls to use that data as efficiently as possible.”

mPrest’s and Netafim’s, cloud-based system is among the most advanced agricultural IoT applications in size, global coverage and cloud computing power. The application utilizes Big Data engines to enable aggregation of data across time and geography and identification of trends in irrigation and nutrition, plant diseases and other factors that are crucial to healthy crops and higher yields. By merging mPrest’s advanced IIoT expertise with Netafim's team of experts, engineers, and more than 50 years of leadership in the precise irrigation market, the groundbreaking application aims to fight global scarcity of food, water and land for a more sustainable future.

“mPrest is proud to have been selected by the global leader in agri-tech and precise smart irrigation to help bring the benefits of IIoT to farmers worldwide,” said Natan Barak, CEO of mPrest. “Farmers are increasingly turning to technology to boost output while using water, fertilizer and pest control resources more efficiently. Our application's ability to collect, process and analyze large amounts of data in real time makes it well suited to take on this challenge while also providing new options for centralized control of agricultural operations. Working closely with Netafim, and leveraging their agronomic and hydraulic knowledge and expertise, we designed a system that ensures farmers have all the information they need at their fingertips to maximize crop yield and minimize cost. We look forward to bringing Big Data together with precision irrigation and best practices to help Netafim achieve their vision of growing much more with much less, using mPrest’s cutting-edge technology.”

About mPrest

mPrest is a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and big data analytics software. Leveraging the power of the Industrial IoT, mPrest's integrative "system of systems" is a proven catalyst for digital business transformation. Our management solution has been deployed in next-gen IoE (Internet of Energy) applications for power utilities, as well as innovative management applications and IT/OT integration for water utilities, smart cities, defense and HLS. For more information on mPrest, visit

About Netafim

Netafim is the global leader in smart irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. With 29 subsidiaries, 17 manufacturing plants and 4,500 employees worldwide, Netafim delivers innovative solutions to growers of all sizes, from smallholders to large-scale agricultural producers, in over 110 countries. Founded in 1965, Netafim pioneered the drip revolution, creating a paradigm shift toward low-flow agricultural irrigation.
Today, Netafim provides diverse solutions – from state-of-the-art drippers to advanced automated systems – for agriculture, greenhouses, landscaping and mining, accompanied by expert agronomic, technical and operational support. Specializing in end-to-end solutions from the water source to the root zone, Netafim delivers turnkey irrigation and greenhouse projects, supported by engineering, project management and financing services. Netafim’s market-leading solutions are helping the world grow more with less. For more information, visit:

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