mPrest’s Grid Modernization System of Systems, Integrates Grid Sentry and UMS Group to Deliver Optimal Wildfire Mitigation and Major Event Management Solution

The combined solution will enable end-to-end visibility and command and control to aid in the mitigation of wildfires

March 6, 2019, San Francisco, CAmPrest, Grid Sentry and UMS Group announced today their industry-first fully integrated solution for wildfire detection, damage mitigation, line de-energization, grid intelligence and event restoration. mPrest’s field proven System of Systems integrates Grid Sentry’s Intelligent Line Sensor Platform and UMS Group’s NRx/VMx Network Reliability and Vegetation Management Platforms. mPrest, Grid Sentry and UMS Group will be attending the Wildfire Technology Innovation Summit, March 20-21, 2019, Sacramento, CA.

mPrest’s mFusion Command application is integrated with its System of Systems Orchestration platform, and is based on a micro-services architecture. mPrest’s System of Systems is designed to interface with multiple utility and government emergency agency data streams, to provide complete visualization, optimization, alerts and intelligence for grid operators, command center analysts, and management and local authorities.  The end-to-end command and control capabilities enable the platform to deliver predictive analytics tools and a training simulator for users to prepare in advance of wildfire scenarios. In addition, the Fusion Command application and System of Systems provides full audit tracing and playback for intra-shift handoff.

Grid Sentry’s Sensor Platform provides two intelligent power-line sensors; the GS-250 Line Sentry and the upcoming GS-600 Sensor System. The GS-250 provides immediate outage, fault detection and location information (line condition, pole condition, conductor, line down) on overhead lines up to 138kV.  Information provided by the GS-250, momentary faults, faults and line-out conditions, are critical to monitoring asset health and condition-based vegetation management.  The GS-600 sensor platform utilizes multi-spectral and optical remote sensing technologies along with atmospheric chemical detection and environmental conditions sensing to provide real-time and advance alerts for wildfire detection.  The GS-250 and the GS-600 Sensor Systems both provide embedded multiple communication backhaul options that integrate in to the mPrest Fusion Platform.

UMS Group’s NRx/VMx Network Reliability and Vegetation Management eXcellence Platforms predict the relative vulnerability of each circuit as a function of recent, past and anticipated weather, prior circuit condition and risk profile (based on asset inspection results, prior outage history, VM trim cycle/clearances, presence of dangerous trees, etc.).  The platform establishes and customizes a powerful new “T&D Network Dynamic Vulnerability” capability for utilities, which integrates with the mPrest Fusion Command Platform to enhance its predictive analytics capabilities.

“mPrest is excited to join forces with the leading companies for wildfire mitigation and grid awareness – Grid Sentry and UMS Group – to provide a single solution based on best-of-breed and proven technologies,” said Ron Halpern, Chief Commercial Officer of mPrest. “mPrest’s mFusion Command application seamlessly provides both the operational intelligence and information system with advanced user tools for the operator, analyst, crews and emergency responders.”

"Grid Sentry, mPrest and UMS Group have combined the best of our cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever-changing grid modernization vision for the 21st century,” said Paul C. McCarren, President and CEO of Grid Sentry.  “We are all companies with an ear toward our clients’ needs.  We have the ability to meet those needs through collaboration and actionable solutions that measure, analyze, predict and protect their most valuable asset - the customer."

“Together, to aid in the wildfire mitigation and support fight, the mPrest, Grid Sentry and UMS Platforms can provide autonomous, real-time visual and electrical monitoring of overhead lines and their interactions within their environments,” said Jack Shearman, CEO of UMS Group. “The integrated platform can also administer predictive vulnerability analytics, resource optimization, location identification for multiple affected assets and events, and disaster planning tools.  These tools are immediately deployable for the 2019 wildfire season with augmented capabilities.”

About mPrest:

mPrest is a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and big data analytics software. Leveraging the power of the Industrial IoT, mPrest's integrative System of Systems is a proven catalyst for digital business transformation. Our innovative management solutions have been deployed in next-gen applications for carrier service providers, system integrators, smart cities as well as IoE (Internet of Energy) applications for power utilities, defense and HLS. For more information, please visit

About Grid Sentry:

Grid Sentry LLC is a provider of state-of-the-art intelligent electric line sensor platforms that are deployed in North America, South America, Europe and Micronesia. Drawing on our background in security and defense, we have taken our commitment of “mission critical performance” and applied it to the electric power transmission and distribution sector. Our sensor platforms provide the owners of electric power transmission and distribution circuits with the critical information needed to protect and preserve assets in their electric grids.

About UMS Group:

UMS Group is a leading global advisory and solutions firm focused on utility asset management, performance improvement, and digital transformation. UMS Group’s proprietary databases, analytic and decision tools and operational support services have been utilized by over 300 gas, water and electric utilities on six continents. UMS Group is an ISO 55000 Assessor endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM). For more information:

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