The power utilities market is undergoing a seismic shift. The rise in renewable and distributed energy sources, growing consumer demand and an aging grid infrastructure have created complex operational challenges. These include the shift to a multi-directional electrical grid, volatile demand patterns and added stress on transformers and other critical grid assets. To thrive in today's dynamic market, power utilities require new types of smart management and control applications that enable them to optimize grid efficiency and offer innovative business models such as peer-to-peer trading.

  • Connect, monitor and control energy flow across millions of DERs
  • Maximize asset health and avoid downtime with predictive analytics
  • Vendor-agnostic for easy adaptation to future grid changes
  • Enable innovative, customer-friendly business models
  • Reduce energy production and consumption costs
  • Seamlessly integrate with other IT/OT systems
Unleash the Power of Internet of Energy

Unleash the Power of the Internet of Energy

mPrest's smart monitoring, analytics and control software revolutionizes the way power utilities manage their operations, significantly reducing energy costs and enabling new business models. Acting as a system of systems, our battle-proven technology helps utilities maximize grid performance, lower operational costs, improve asset health management and avoid costly power outages.

By connecting the dots across multiple disciplines, our DERMS, Asset Health Management, Mobile Asset Management and Integrated Operation Center applications offer utilities unmatched real-time situational awareness and analytics, together with powerful predictive and decision-making capabilities.

Products /Applications


Our operational DER Management System (mDERMS) helps distribution power utilities realize the promise of the smart grid. mDERMS lets you connect, monitor and optimize energy flow across millions of DERs, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. Featuring smart analytics and prediction algorithms, mDERMS enables utilities to better balance between supply and demand and avoid power outages. At the same time, mDERMS allows utilities to offer innovative business models, such as peer-to-peer energy trading, as well as supporting renewable energy and demand response initiatives. A flexible, vendor-agnostic design facilitates best-of-breed deployments and integration with existing third-party systems, eliminating the need for forklift replacement.


Asset Health Management

Our production-proven Asset Health Management system (mNTCS) provides real-time monitoring, powerful analytics, highly accurate predictions and alerts on the present and future condition of transformers and other critical assets. Innovative monitoring and diagnostics functionality lets you implement effective condition-based maintenance (CBM) for your transformers. The system collects real-time data from multiple transformer sensors (e.g., online DGA, temperature, load, IR camera, RFI), incorporates historical data and performs machine learning-based analytics to detect both subthreshold and above-threshold abnormalities. Supporting online and offline DGA, mNTCS offers predictive capabilities that help you avoid unplanned downtime, lower maintenance costs and extend transformer lifetime.


Mobile Asset Management

Our comprehensive Mobile Asset Management application delivers centralized monitoring and management of all mobile assets, including transformers, generators, mobile batteries, service trucks, vehicle fleet management and smart meters. Mobile Asset Management seamlessly connects and integrates all fleet components, delivering accurate situational awareness, proactive maintenance and increased reliability. One central dashboard allows operators to manage up to thousands of mobile assets from multiple vendors, as well as monitoring fleet-related domains such as maintenance, emissions, fuel and load levels, geopositioning and dispatch.


Integrated Operation Center

The Integrated Operation Center application is a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for the management, security and safety of utilities' physical assets, mobile generators, cyber infrastructure and operational processes. Based on mPrest's holistic "system of systems" approach, this application is being used by major power companies to connect, monitor and control tens of thousands of sensors and disparate systems across hundreds of sites. By providing a unified system view and correlating data across multiple domains, the Integrated Operation Center enables utilities to improve situational awareness and generate meaningful operational insights.