Smart City

The Urban Challenge

Today, over half of the world's population lives in urban areas. This figure is expected to reach over 70% by 2060. As urban growth continues, pressure mounts for centralized management and control on both city and department levels.


mPrest mCity
One-stop holistic Smart City Application

mCity acts as a system of systems for monitoring, controlling and optimizing all smart city domains in a single dashboard with minimal training or support. Its best of breed approach utilizes existing systems and sensors without the need for expensive forklifts. Comprising modular building blocks that easily integrate to new sensors and systems from any vendor, mCity quickly adapts to the city's ever-changing reality. mCity features drag and drop rules engine, multidisciplinary correlation and analysis, smart prediction, simulation manager, among other tools, to empower operators with a unified view of different municipal domains for better decision making, operational efficiency, and response.

mCity as a Service Benefits for System Integrators and Communication Service Providers

Systems Integrators and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) make ideal smart city / safe city service providers for municipalities and campuses, possessing both the required infrastructure and technical manpower and expertise. Comprising connectivity infrastructure, integrated sensors from diverse city systems, and unified command and control in the cloud, our smart city as a service (SaaS) application delivers unprecedented value for SIs and CSPs in the shortest time:

  • New engine of revenue growth
  • Quicker deployment with pre-tested applications
  • Higher profitability leveraging existing infrastructure and manpower:
    • Fixed/wireless infrastructure
    • Technical support experience

mCity Benefits for Municipalities

mCity delivers superior visibility and control over what's going on in the city. Municipalities gain better service to their citizens, better decision making, reduced operational costs due to optimal resources consumption, and much more

mCity as a Service creates even more value:

  • No need for costly tenders with pre-tested applications
  • Quicker time to market with lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Big savings relying on CSP's technical capabilities
  • Convenient pay as you grow business model
  • Smart City mobile app for citizen engagement

Limitless Applications for Ultimate Empowerment

mPrest features best-in-class vendor-agnostic software architecture supporting the full range of city assets and systems, seamlessly integrating with new systems as they become available.