Security & CIP

The security sector is characterized by complex and heterogeneous environments. Security systems can comprise dozens to hundreds of diverse systems offered by myriad vendors. From cameras, fences, and sensors to access control, alarm, and license plate recognition (LPR) systems, each security system maintains a unique command-and-control system, making it difficult to deliver a unified and integrated situation picture. At the same time, system owners and operators are highly vendor dependent. This leads to a lack of flexibility and scalability when changes are required, making traditional command-and-control systems expensive, and even obsolete, within a short period.

Easily adaptive to change, mPrest’s game-changing technology is ideal for the security sector. The platform’s rules engine dramatically improves efficient execution of standard operating procedures (SOP), empowering security system operators – who typically have little-to-no professional technical training – to address all changes. mPrest’s user-friendly application development platform enables developers, engineers and system integrators to develop and update their own applications.


mPrest’s comprehensive critical facilities solution supports both organizational and functional hierarchies. Integrating diverse inputs such as high-end EO systems and internal security devices (e.g. alarm, access control, public address (PA), LPR, and CCTV systems) into one command-and-control system, our solution creates a “system of systems".

Covering all security aspects across the organization, the solution builds a coherent, real-time situation picture. Suitable for secured sites including strategic resources, land facilities, harbors, airports, and oil rigs, our holistic solution enables operators and decision makers to carry out optimal site-security actions and all required operational procedures.


National Critical Facilities Security System

Comprehensive, integrated and modular command-and-control system for securing multiple critical sites

  • Presents coherent, real-time security situation picture
  • Integrates wide range of sensory systems, controllers and other systems (e.g. EO system, internal devices) manufactured by diverse vendors to create a “system of systems”
  • Offers command and control capabilities to over 300 sites
  • Supports unlimited number of organizational and hierarchal levels as well as multiple domains at each site
  • Provides tools to support decision-making processes, event management, and control of involved forces
  • Enables operators to conduct optimal actions and required operational procedures

Creating a safe city is all about connecting the dots in today’s vibrant, fast-changing metropolitan areas, which operate hundreds of operation and security systems. These can include CCTV, alarm, GIS, traffic-light control, municipality operation team and vehicle, power monitoring, electronic signage, emergency team, water monitoring, and public lighting systems.

To ensure security and safety across an entire area while not letting anything fall through the cracks, cities require a single, integrated command-and-control system for all activities.


mPrest offers municipalities a safe city solution that provides an integrated situation picture enabling cities to carry out daily and emergency operations, special events management, and other security-related activities. Our vendor-independent solution is flexible and scalable to handle the rapid changes taking place in our dynamic world. Suitable for both routine and crisis situations, our “one system fits all” takes into account constantly changing operational requirements (e.g. alert levels, operational methodology, regulations, technology capabilities and systems, hierarchies). The solution offers full connectivity and interoperability across various units, including municipality divisions, first responders and crisis support agencies.

With mPrest’s solution, municipality personnel are empowered to make changes to operational procedures without consuming valuable time resources typically required for carrying out complex software development and integration. Addressing multiple levels of management from the mayoral level to field professionals, mPrest’s safe city solution is creating a paradigm shift in securing metropolitan areas across the globe.


With airports facing a range of increasingly complex threats, mPrest offers an advanced, comprehensive airport security solution. Covering all aspects of airport security - physical, luggage, passenger and aircraft - the C4I solution integrates with an airport's security operations center (SOC) to detect threats before they occur, thereby ensuring smooth, continuous operations.

Dividing an airport into an inner circle manned by facility forces and an outdoor one manned by external forces, the solution collects, manages and decentralizes information from existing sensors to create an accurate unified situation picture.


Comprised of off-the-shelf modular and open products that rapidly connect to current systems, the solution features centralized tools that support decision-making processes, event management, and involved forces control. The mPrest solution provides security for pre-defined zones in and around an airport, terminals, gates and aircraft parking areas, helping airports overcome the many security challenges they face today. These challenges include managing and controlling all hierarchal levels, sharing and transferring information as needed, and closing the gap in the management of single or parallel events. As such, the solution keeps airports safe and secure, securely connected, open, operational and environmentally safe, and knowledgeable and responsive to ensure continuous inbound and outbound aircraft operations.


Borders are vital economic gateways that account for trillions of dollars in trade and travel each year. Protecting borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband and infiltrators while maintaining organized and efficient lawful entry and exit is essential to a nation’s homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty.

To make travel faster and borders safer, there’s a need to deploy professional personnel (e.g. border patrol agents, agriculture specialists, air/marine agents), technology (e.g. sensors, radar, aerial assets) and infrastructure across multi-level organizations. Bringing together and “connecting the dots” among these three elements, mPrest’s border control solution offers a single command-and-control solution for enabling millions of visitors and business people to quickly and easily cross a border. This, in turn, provides border control officials with the right conditions to focus on higher risk, unknown travelers.


Coastal Guard Border Control System

Monitoring and management of border control activity

  • Monitors terrestrial water and exclusive economic zones (EEZs) efficiently
  • Manages rapid incident containment and response
  • Builds real-time situation picture composed of divers' inputs including radars, EO sensor and GPS receivers
  • Operates highly stringent process requirements via sophisticated fusion algorithms and a human controller display
  • Cuts development time by focusing on unique algorithms rather than out-of-the-box infrastructure

Intelligence units are responsible for information research (e.g. data fusion, data mining, system distribution, warnings), information gathering (e.g. planning, target bank, measure activation), and command-force information operations.


mPrest’s intelligence solution helps design, specify, and analyze data for creating a national situation picture center and war rooms. Implementing data mining command-and-control systems from the national level down to the tactical level, our solution delivers early warnings and alerts, while providing incident prevention insight.