Security & Critical Infrastructure Protection


Protection of critical infrastructure – electricity, oil, gas, water and transportation – is essential for ensuring homeland security. To prevent security breaches and cyber-attacks, organizations typically employ a complex web of security solutions from multiple vendors – ranging from cameras and IoT sensors to diverse types of intelligence and cyber security platforms. As each security application is independently managed by a separate command-and-control system, interoperability issues are common and make it difficult to manage both routine and high-priority events.

As security events usually span multiple domains, organizations have to manually coordinate between management systems, databases and control rooms to exchange relevant information and insights, and to decide on actions and response plans. To streamline and accelerate event management, organizations need intelligent systems that minimize the number of dashboards and control rooms, while automating the sharing and correlation of data across domains.

In addition to physical breaches, today's highly sophisticated cyber attacks can also disrupt vital services and potentially jeopardize human lives. As OT and IT networks become more connected, OT networks are increasingly exposed to a wide range of bad actors and potentially devastating attacks. In response to these complex threats, security teams are seeking ways to gain a more coherent and integrated view of their cyber threat landscape.

'System of systems' approach that aggregates, optimizes and correlates data across multiple domains
Application that adapts security procedures on-the-fly to address evolving threats
Real-time situational awareness across hundreds and thousands of sites
Optimized event management capabilities based on pre-defined SOPs and automated real-time actions such as escalations, crew assignment and communications
Seamless integration of existing and new security platforms, devices and applications

Automated and Integrated Security for Critical Facilities

mPrest offers a game-changing "system of systems" based platform ideally equipped to help organizations secure critical facilities, including protection of physical assets, cyber infrastructure and operational processes. Offering real-time correlation between multiple security platforms and seamless integration with the Security Operations Center (SOC), our technology enables security teams to rapidly identify and respond to complex cross-domain threats before they impact service continuity. Vendor-agnostic, future-proof design preserves existing security investments without expensive upgrades or replacements.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Our comprehensive Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) application leverages mPrest's "system of systems" approach to deliver the interoperability, scalability and flexibility required to protect critical assets and cyber infrastructure. By connecting the dots across multiple disciplines, mPrest's CIP application offers industrial and government organizations unparalleled end-to-end situational awareness, together with comprehensive command & control for effective, real-time event management. The product includes powerful tools for automating incident response, escalation plans, internal and external communications and notification.