CIGRE Grid Of The Future 2018

Hyatt Reston, VA | October 28-31

Attend Our Symposium Paper Session

October 29th at 4:15pm, Lake Audubon (Distributed Energy Resource Management System Session)

mPrest's Dr. David Raz will be presenting his paper titled "Generalized Approach for Volt-VAr-Control through Integration of DERs with Traditional Methods."   The paper presents a holistic approach for integrating Volt-VAr control (VVC) resources, such as capacitors banks and transformer tap changers, with DERs, such as photovoltaic farms and batteries, in order to achieve various VVC target functions.

Meet Our Smart Grid Product Experts

This event is a great opportunity to sit down with mPrest's regional team and product experts and discuss your company's smart grid management needs:

  • Distributed Energy Resources Management System (mDERMS) - revolutionizing the way distribution utilities manage their evolving power grids. mDERMS allows utilities to reduce power outages and the cost of energy while improving the service to consumers. Energy flow optimization, smart DR plans and innovative business models are some of the demonstrated use cases.

  • Asset Health Management - providing real-time monitoring, powerful analytics, and predictive maintenance of transformers and other critical assets.

  • URD Cable Fleet Maintenance Optimization - helps utilities optimize and prioritize the maintenance of their URD cable fleet, using big data analytics and AI-driven algorithms.

  • Major Event Management - allows utilities to prioritize resources, safety and restoration efforts related to wildfires, storms and other events, and utilizes real-time and field data inputs to help utilities create an optimal restoration plan that accelerates recovery times and reduces restoration costs.