mPrest Expands in North America to Assist Utilities Lead the "Internet of Energy" Transformation

Tech company behind Israel's Iron Dome missile defense command and control system expands reach of its IIoT products to U.S. power utilities with proven scalability for management of tens of millions of assets

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Israel-based mPrest, a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, big data analytics and control software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has significantly expanded its presence in the North American utility market, where its technology is revolutionizing the way electric utilities incorporate grid analytics and distributed energy resources (DERs) into their grid and business models. mPrest applications assist utilities in reducing power outages, improving service to their customers, offering integrated management of greener energy resources and reducing overall cost of energy within their networks.

In addition to a recent Asset Health Management production contract expansion with New York Power Authority, mPrest is collaborating with multiple leading utilities in the United States on implementing DERMS, Grid Analytics and Smart Grid Management. mPrest's Intelligent Grid Management System of Systems is an advanced monitoring, analytics and control application, which integrates existing IIoT systems to provide an all-in-one view of DERs, DR platforms and legacy assets and platforms as well.  This allows for end to end integrated management of millions of DERs, while taking into consideration weather forecasts, network constraints, and market signals.  Equally important is the fact that mPrest's Smart Grid Management System of Systems and DERMS is vendor agnostic and allows utilities to adopt a best of breed strategy, vs. standardizing on a single grid solution. Furthermore, it allows utilities to solve their DERMS management challenges immediately.

"A growing number of utilities are embracing distributed energy and its potential benefits, including greater grid resilience, lower operating and customer costs, wider autonomy to consumers and new business models" said Natan Barak, CEO of mPrest. "mPrest's software empowers utilities in North America and around the world to remove hurdles and become leaders in, rather than obstacles to, building and managing the distributed energy networks of the future".

Utilities are facing the challenge of managing many distributed energy resources, with energy flows in multiple directions.  Each DER platform may have their own monitoring system and integrating these inputs and analysis with other OT or IT systems such as GIS, SCADA, BI, state estimators and others is often done in a manual fashion. The result is a vastly complex network and siloed monitoring and control systems. mPrest Intelligent Grid Management Systems of Systems unifies customer-facing distributed energy resource management (DERM) functions, ranging from electric vehicle charging to demand response, with internal operations such as asset health monitoring and energy cost optimization for fully integrated analytics, monitoring and control. As a vendor agnostic platform, mPrest's DERMS and Intelligent Grid Management System of Systems also allows for the integration of new systems and platforms in the future.

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mPrest is a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and big data analytics software. Leveraging vast field-proven Industrial IoT experience, our integrative system of systems is deployed in diverse applications including IoE (Internet of Energy) for power utilities, as well as water utilities, smart cities, defense, homeland security and more. mPrest excels at connecting the dots across multiple disciplines - delivering unified situational awareness, sophisticated analytics, and end to end IT/OT integration and process management. Featuring advanced analytics and real-time data optimization, mPrest seamlessly integrates with any existing system and improves overall system performance while reducing operational costs. For more information on mPrest, visit

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